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Introducing the DISTURBANCE: an innovative filter, flanger, and phaser pedal offering unparalleled modulation. With the DISTURBANCE's intuitive controls, sculpt your sound precisely to your liking. The 'Tensity' knob adjusts feedback and effect structure, providing two distinct intensity options for each unique modulation.

Dive deep into sonic exploration with the Filter, offering both highpass and lowpass options for resonant swells and piercing tones. Experience classic modulation with the Flanger, offering versatile settings from watery delays to screaming flange effects with distorted feedback. Enter the realm of psychedelia with the Phaser mode, featuring an 8-stage phaser sound with options for filtered scoops or a blend of phaser/flanger tones.

But that's not all - the DISTURBANCE introduces a groundbreaking control system. Its custom-designed modulation core allows you to freeze the LFO mid-cycle, creating captivating frozen modulation effects. Additionally, the pedal features a CV OUT jack, enabling modulation control signal transmission to compatible devices. (Ones that are brave enough)

Effect Controls


This switch selects the modulation type.


This knob sets the intensity of the effect, with different "-" and "+" mode for each modulation type.

LFO Controls

Center Point

This knob sets the center point for the modulation LFO.


This knob sets the width of the modulation LFO.


This knob sets the speed of the modulation LFO.

Trip (Stomp)

This stomp freezes the LFO at its current position. Pressing it again resumes the LFO cycle wherever it left off

Never before seen, the DISTURBANCE features a CV OUT jack which allows it to control other pedals and devices. This lets you explore the world of LFO freezing goodness with all of your favorite Death By Audio pedals with expression and beyond.

Have a favorite pedal with an expression in? Try it out! The CV OUT will send a voltage following the LFO and can interact with all kinds of different effects.

Eurorack fan? Go ahead and plug the LFO into your favorite oscillator, filter, or any unit you love and see how flexible and powerful this control can be.

The CV OUT is set to about 0-5 V by default. This can be trimmed down to near 0 V or up to 7 V using the internal CV LEVEL trimmer.

Trimmer Icon. Dial 1 -10

Electrical Specs

Power Supply: Standard 9 VDC power supply with a 2.1mm negative center barrel

Current Draw: 67 mA

CV Output Voltage: 0-7 V (Trimmable)

Physical Specs

Dimensions: 4.95" x 3.95" x 2.6" (including hardware)

Weight: 13 oz.