Phosphene Scream



Some time ago, Oliver Ackermann got together with Alex Maas and Christian Bland from The Black Angels to dream up the most blasted out psychedelic space tripper reverb and delay pedal of all time.

“It’s gotta dig craters in the moon, man.”
“I want an echo that gives you real live flashbacks.”
“How about a reverb so great I can use it on everything?”
“It has to fit on my pedalboard.”

After many pots of coffee and endless late-night circuit-bending freakouts, we landed on a reverb that multiplies internal reflections of segments of comb filtered waveforms from zero to infinity and smashed it into a meticulously tuned multifunctional delay, and voilà–the PHOSPHENE SCREAM was born. This magic pedal generates every reverb and delay sound under the sun from ‘60s psychedelic movers to the future punks ready to laser through the 22nd century.

The reverberation effects cover the entire range of everything you could dream up in a reverb–tight rooms for thickening, realistic halls to waves of almost never-ending sweetness, while the delay is set up so that one knob blends in the delay while simultaneously turning up the feedback, warping from slapback to bloodcurdling scream in no time at all.
The knob labeled D-Time adjusts the delay time, but like the other knobs, the sounds are anything but subtle. As you bring it up you go from crystalized filter flange sound thickeners to ‘50s slap backers all the way to patterned reflections just like you’re playing your instrument 8 miles high in the Grand ol’ Canyon.

And you may think that’s a lot of range for a simple looking pedal, but we didn’t stop there. A 3-way toggle switch adjusts the tonality of the decays for all of the effects; set it to the left for deep thundering booms, in the middle for a full range sound, and to the right for a perfectly bright vintage edge.

Each of these controls have been painstakingly tuned to be super intuitive to use and smooth as silk to control.

Limited to 420 units, the PHOSPHENE SCREAM represents the collaboration of Death By Audio and Levitation. Pre-sales begin September 12th, 2019 at the Levitation webstore. Get one before they go up in smoke! 

Reverb: Sets the mix of the reverberated signal and adjusts the reverb time simultaneously.
Feedback: Sets both the feedback of the delay and the delay level, ranging from zero of both to almost never-ending screaming repeats. 
D-Time: Sets the time between the repeats of the delayed signal. At short times, allows for comb-filter-like results.
Filter Toggle: Changes the character of the repeats and reverberation between low passed, unfiltered, and high passed. 

Dimensions: 4.88” x 3.68” x 2.15” (including hardware)
Weight: 13 oz.
Power: 9V (runs on a standard 2.1mm negative center 9V adapter or included 9V battery)
Current Draw: 80 mA