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From the farthest corners of the cosmos comes the Space Ensemble SE-1, a groundbreaking vocal effect by Death By Audio. This pedal is a limited run so catch it before it seeps into the black hole forever.

In a compact design, the SE-1 captures the realm of atmospheric vocal processing. Equipped with a robust mic preamp and versatile chorus and reverb effects, it offers instant access to both classic retro tones and futuristic spatial textures.

Use the simple and powerful controls to take your voice to new sonic dimensions. Utilizing the Chorus control, you can vary from slow, wide modulations to rapid detuning bends. The Reverb knob blends in a short reverb before stretching to an almost infinite organic dreamscape. The SE-1’s 100% Dry/Wet mix control makes it perfect for both impressive stage performances and valuable studio applications. And the Send and Receive jacks allow you to integrate any other guitar pedals to sculpt your distinctive sound.

Attain your desired studio results and carry them effortlessly to gigs and recordings; spanning from vintage 70s tape doubling to the iconic 80s sound, ethereal shoegaze soundscapes, or entirely new creative frontiers. 

Comes with a Godlyke Power-All 9 VDC power supply with a 2.1mm negative center barrel

Chorus Speed

Blends from no effect, to slow chorus, to fast warbles as the knob is turned up.

Reverb Time

Blends from dry unaffected vocals, to small ambiance, to huge lush atmospheric effects as the knob is turned up.


Goes from 100% dry vocals to 100% affected vocals and everything in between.

Chorus Intensity (Internal)

Adjusts the depth and feedback of the chorus circuit simultaneously. Ranges from subtle chorus effects at 1 to full-on inhuman weirdness at 10.

Gain (Internal)

Sets the gain of the microphone input. 7 or higher is ideal for most microphones and we recommend setting it high for best noise performance.


Connect this to a mixer. It gives a good strong signal due to the internal mic preamp.


Plug a dynamic microphone in here. Note that it does not pass phantom power to microphones without an external phantom power source.

Send/Pre Out

Plug out of the Send jack into any additional effects, then back into the Receive jack to introduce new sounds into your vocals. This loop is before the effects, allowing you to affect your dry vocals before the chorus/reverb generated by the Space Ensemble.

NOTE: Can be used as a mic preamp by connecting an XLR mic into the Microphone jack and using a 1/4" cable to connect to an amp or whatever you want.

Receive/Aux Input

The return of the effects loop when used in conjunction with the Send/Pre Out. Can also be used to plug a 1/4" source directly into theSpace Ensemble.

Tired of wrangling all your vocal pedals on the floor or lugging a table to your shows? We have the solution!

The Space Ensemble can also be purchased with a backplate that mounts to your mic stand. Puts the pedal within hands reach to maximize live performance tweak-ability.

Note: Cords, microphone, and stand are not included. Godlyke Power-All 9 VDC power supply still included.

Power Details

Power Supply: Standard 9 VDC power supply with a 2.1mm negative center barrel.
Note: We strongly recommend using the included power supply or a similar low-noise power supply.

Current Draw: 60 mA

Physical Details

Dimensions: 6.09" x 3.45" x 2.75" (including hardware)

Weight (Standard): 15.5 oz.

Weight (Alternate Back Plate): 30 oz.