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Mic Stand Clip Backplate BACKORDERED until mid-July


Designed for vocals, the Echo Master is a lo-fi, analog tape-style delay unit that can transform your voice into a chaotic realm of noise and feedback. The Echo Master is not just a delay unit, however. It utilizes matched Bourns transformers on the input to create a vibrant-sounding and feedback-minimizing preamp to bring you phenomenal vocal quality before you even hit the PA. Your sound engineer will hate you because you'll sound better than ever without their help.

This multitasking analog tape-style echo rules––onstage, it delivers lush vocals shrouded in dusky analog repeats, and it’s invaluable in the studio while recording, reamping, mixing, and more. It’s carefully voiced to avoid shrieking monitor feedback, includes a robust transformer-balanced mic preamp, sturdy Neutrik XLR jacks, and is equipped with an impedance-matching effects loop so you can patch other pedals in your vocal chain. An (optional) mic clip backplate puts the controls within reach during performances so you can tweak the delay effect as you sing, effectively remixing yourself (or your bandmates) live. Best of all, the Echo Master puts total control over your vocal sound at your fingertips, so you get the sound you want, when you want it, all of the time.

Since changeovers at shows can happen quickly and there isn’t always time for soundcheck, the Echo Master gets you amplified and rocking with consistent high-quality echo effects in no time at all. Simply plug your microphone into the mic input, connect the sound engineer’s vocal line to the mic output, plug your pedals into the effects loop, and there’s still time to order another drink before you play. When you’re ready to rock, the F-Back control adjusts the number of repeats from one single echo to infinite raging feedback and the Time knob sets the delay time between 30ms – 620ms. The Mix knob is calibrated to preserve intelligibility (and keep the sound engineer happy), allowing you to sweep from bone-dry to a 50/50 wet/dry blend.

In the studio, the Echo Master is a whole other animal. Use it with acoustic instrument and percussion mics to commit wild new sounds to tape (or hard drive).

Comes with a Godlyke Power-All 9 VDC power supply with a 2.1mm negative center barrel


Controls the delay time, with numbers labeled in milliseconds. In the Red Zone, the delay chip is pushed to the extreme. The signal decreases in fidelity as the time increases.


Controls the number of repeats in the delay circuit, anywhere from one to an infinite to a wall of oscillation.


Controls the level of the delayed channel in comparison to the dry signal, from fully dry to an equal mix.

FBACK (Internal)

Sets the maximum level of the external feedback. Turn all the way clockwise for maximum feedback (factory setting) or turn to the left to limit the range for more precise control.

Have the need to use your Echo Master with the rest of your favorite guitar pedals? The Send and Receive will make easy as your guitar rig!

Plug the Send jack into any additional effects, then back into the Return jack to introduce new sounds into your vocals. This loop is before the delay line, allowing you to affect your dry vocals before they enter the Echo Master.

Tired of wrangling all your vocal pedals on the floor or lugging a table to your shows? We have the solution!

The Echo Master can also be purchased with a backplate that mounts to your mic stand. Puts the pedal within hands reach to maximize live performance tweak-ability.

Note: Cords, microphone, and stand are not included. Godlyke Power-All 9 VDC power supply still included.

Power Details

Power Supply: Standard 9 VDC power supply with a 2.1mm negative center barrel.
Note: We strongly recommend using the included power supply or a similar low-noise power supply.

Current Draw: 25 mA

Physical Details

Dimensions: 6.09" x 3.45" x 2.75" (including hardware)

Weight (Standard): 16 oz.

Weight (Alternate Back Plate): 30 oz.