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The highly coveted Octave Clang has made a triumphant return to Death By Audio's workshop. Long presumed extinct, the OC was never really gone, merely in a state of hibernation—evolving, refining, and enhancing its already extraordinary sound.

Embraced by professionals and punks alike, the Octave Clang was created to unleash distinctly unconventional tones that captivated the senses. Today, we’ve extended the range of the original controls, added a foot-switchable octave, and did some under-the-hood supercharging.

In the decade since it disappeared, we revisited the original Clang circuit, sculpting it into something better —a more ferocious, menacing, and thunderous force that is as usable as possible for today's musicians.

The resulting circuit is an insane yet versatile beast, empowering you to easily sculpt discordant ringing drones, visceral octave scrapes, and ground-shaking distortion. The revitalized Octave Clang is primed and ready to destroy!

The Octave Clang’s special octave transformer works to deliver a unique blend of octave-up fuzz and “clangorous” tones. From deep, resonant lows to searing, high-octane leads, this pedal covers the entire sonic spectrum with an array of ear-pleasing options in between.

For those who like to tweak, the Octave Clang offers a bias knob on the inside, giving you the power to fine-tune the pedal's response for even more tonal possibilities. This internal bias control allows you to adjust the op-amp's behavior, making your fuzz and octave smooth or hard.

Achieve an array of ultimate fuzz, octave, and clang sounds with the simple twist of a knob. Try it out and you’ll see – this is the most mind-blowing octave fuzz pedal we’ve ever heard.

Bypass (Left Footswitch)

Turns the Octave Clang on and off (red LED)

Octave (Right Footswitch)

Toggles the Octave Up mode (yellow LED). The yellow LED stays on/off when the pedal is bypassed to indicate if the Octave Up is engaged.

White Ramp Volume Icon Octave Clang


Controls the output level. Goes from totally silent to extremely loud. When set above your normal volume, it propels your chain into overdrive.

White Square Wave Octave Clang Intensity Icon


Sets the gain of the Octave Clang. This can (and will) drive the rest of the circuit into overdrive and fuzz. Can provide up to +39dB of gain.

White Star Octave Clang Filter Icon


A powerful pre-gain tilt EQ, this control adjusts the amount of highs and lows going into the of the circuit. This can make the octave and fuzz react very differently. Overloading the lows yields a larger, more blown-out sound while overloading the highs gives a more cutting and clear sound.

Octave Clang Trimmer Icon. Dial 1 -10

Bias (Internal)

Allows misbiasing the distortion circuitry. Leave this control in the middle (5-6) for standard functionality, or turn it left or right to skew the character of the distortion to a rougher sound.
Access by removing the back plate of the Octave Clang.

Power Details

Power Supply: Powered by a standard 2.1mm 9V DC adapter with center-negative polarity. Isolated power supplies are recommended.

It is also possible to use the Octave Clang with a 9V battery (not provided). When not using a battery, the internal battery snap should be attached to the corresponding battery snap holes on the board. Do NOT leave the battery snap floating inside the pedal when not using a battery.

Current Draw: 10 mA

Physical Details

Dimensions: 4.8” x 3.7” x 2.1” (including hardware)

Weight: 11.5 oz.