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Psycho multimode filter with an ultra-sleek enclosure. Its medical-grade IC chip creates a hyper-precise filter that sounds like no other. With high pass, bandpass, and low pass modes, as well as two types of screaming resonance, the Evil Filter is ready to saw any sound into pieces - or just be the most insane wah you've ever heard. The Evil Filter's two fuzzes take signals into a much more twisted dimension, creating a blooming compression that's perfect for ripping solos and walls of noise alike. Push it past the limit into octaves up, down, and snarling wavefolding sounds. Using the CV/Expression input, you can also control the filter cutoff frequency with an expression pedal or synthesizer.

What Does a Multimode Filter Pedal Do?

The Evil Filter takes your signal and carves it up so that you only hear the frequencies you want to play with. In High-Pass mode, you’ll hear frequencies above where the Filter Freq. control is positioned. In Band-Pass mode, the Evil Filter chops off the high and low frequencies, leaving you with a midrange signal that has a round, vocal-like character, similar to a wah. In Low-Pass mode, only bass frequencies below the Filter Freq. control come through, so you feel the rumble in your soul.

The Filter Resonance control adjusts the width and “ringiness” of the filter which sets the overall tonal quality of the pedal from being a subtle tone-shaping utility or a harbinger of sonic devastation. At lower settings, the filter acts on a wide range of frequencies for gentle rolling sweeps and conventional filter sounds. As you bring up the Resonance, the affected frequencies get narrower and narrower until it eventually clamps down on such a tiny range of frequencies that it boosts them into ringing peaks, earth-shaking subharmonic pulses, and screaming self-oscillation. For extra harmonics and oscillation, flip the Resonance toggle switch from Normal to High and freak out!

Enter the Evil Fuzz

Misery loves company, so the Evil Filter is equipped with an Evil Fuzz to take the signal to a much darker dimension. The Evil Fuzz has its own footswitch so you can use it as a standalone full-on fuzz, or pair it with the Evil Filter to push the medical-grade IC past its limit to develop potent new sonic concoctions to push your sound to the limit.

The Evil Fuzz has two fuzz types: one takes you from a rich fuzz that cleans up nicely with your volume control, and the other is an over-the-top fire-breathing scorcher that dishes out disgustingly amazing blasted-out fuzz.


Fuzz Type Switch

Choose between two different fuzzes -
down for a cleaner, more driving fuzz, 
up for a blasted out, blooming, insane fuzz.


Volume of the fuzz section of the pedal



Cutoff frequency of the filter shown in Hz


Selects between the different filter types -
Low Pass,   Band Pass, and   High Pass.


Sets the resonance of the filter in conjunction with the Resonance Switch. WARNING: Will self oscillate at high levels!

Resonance Switch

Sets the range of the Filter Resonance knob between Normal and High

EXP/CV Input

Plug in CV control (~0-3.0v) or an expression pedal for external control of the Filter Freq knob. The Filter Freq knob sets the range for the EXP/CV input.


Volume of the filter section of the pedal

Power Details

Power Supply: Standard 9 VDC power supply with a 2.1mm negative center barrel

Current Draw: 21 mA

Physical Details

Dimensions: 7.75" x 4.72" x 2.4" (including hardware)

Weight: 25 oz.