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The Micro Dream is an incredible sounding delay pedal which is simple to operate but complex in the range of sounds and usability of how it blends with whatever instrument is used to control it. Strap in, get on your suit, and blast off into the dream.


F BACK - Stands for feedback which ranges from one repeat from the original to a multitude of repeats to beyond infinite for noise feedback insanity. Inside the pedal is a trimmer which sets the point at which it reaches infinity.

TIME - Adjusts the time inbetween each repeat. *When turned to 600ms and above noise starts to get introduced into the circuit as you are pushing the IC beyond its specs.

DELAY - Controls the volume of the delay. When turned up it gets slightly louder than the clean which is always blended in.

This pedal opperates on a 9V negative tip / positive ring 2.1mm power adaptor or with a 9V battery.